Hi there! I'm Hanbi. 

I'm an industrial designer currently based in LA. Whether in the streets of Korea or the eleven homes I've lived in the US, my mom taught me the art of ‘people watching’. For hours on end I would study people, observe their interactions and how they engaged with the environment around them. I loved the ambiguity of every new situation and soaked in every detail. 

Hopeful and optimistic, I am always looking for pockets of opportunity to spark joy in the daily lives of people. In order to uncover underlying brand value and connect to their audience, I define, redefine, dissect insights, solve problems, and align aesthetic language to deliver a unique story. Designing a visible, tangible, and engaging reality is about building a relationship and extending possibility to the world with a vision and a cohesive strategy. Creating an authentic experience starts and ends with people. 


Nice to meet you!

i'm hanbi.

I am an industrial designer in based in LA, currently in my third year studying at Art Center College of Design. Ever since I was young, my mom and I shared a secret ritual. Whether in our hometown in Seoul, or the neighborhood I grew up in California, we would simply enjoy sessions of ‘people-watching’. These sessions trained my eye to discover pivotal details in the often overlooked negative space and stirred a passion in me to kindle memories in these hidden opportunities through form, color, and design.

I value the subtle + personal experiences I can create through design that transcends 'things'. With my crazy work ethic, keen sensibility, and love for building relationships, I strive to craft stories and empowering design solutions that last beyond the physical itself.

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